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Hire Heather Heuman to Speak for Your Next Event

Are you looking for a dynamic technology speaker for your next event? Book Heather for your next event.

Heather is a professional social media speaker and writer. She’s built two companies using social media as the primary method of marketing and has an engaged following on social media of over 40,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube.

As a corporate or organizational planner, you have certain detailed goals for your event.  Is your company looking for ways to motivate employees?  Do you want them to leverage new technologies to improve the bottom line?  Are you looking for ways to encourage your sales teams to find new prospecting sources?  Are you looking for ways to build solid internal and external relationships?  Perhaps you desire unique strategies to measure the ROI of specific marketing tactics.

As an association planner, your members are dealing with many of the same issues.  Additionally, you have the added pressure of competing for your members’ dollars each year in renewals.  With new organizations popping up constantly, you need something that sets your event apart.

What do you want in a speaker?

Good speakers not only help you accomplish your specific event goals, but they do so in a way that is both fun and informative for attendees.  Experts are not hard to come by, but people who can captivate and communicate with your audience are.


Here is a quick breakdown of some of the services we provide regarding speaking:

    • Keynote Speaking
    • Speaking at Workshops
    • Executive C-Level Training
    • Speaking for Conferences

A good fit for your event would be a speaker with a credible background, hands on experience and the ability to effectively communicate in easy to understand language that prompts the audience to take action.

Why choose Heather Heuman?

Heather creates customized presentations to ensure that information presented is relevant to your audience.  She has a solid background in marketing, sales, and leadership and has helped both large companies and small business owners understand the ins and outs of social media, marketing strategy and networking techniques.  Heather connects with a wide range of audiences of varying cultures and ages:  Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennials motivating them to embrace technologies to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  Her highly impactful presentations leave audiences empowered and ready to implement and take action. Heather was selected by Forbes social media expert Kim Garst on her ‘Top 30 Women Rocking it Like A Girl‘ list. Additionally, Heather is a sought-after international keynote social media speaker and has presented at Dream Bank of American Family Insurance as a keynote speaker, Social Media Breakfast Madison, Perryville Chamber of Commerce Women’s Conference, FemCity Leadership events and more.

Heather’s presentations are available in the following formats:

  • Keynote Presentations
  • Breakout Session, Workshop or Seminar
  • Corporate Workshops
  • Webinar
  • In-Person or Virtual

Popular Topics

  • Leverage The Change: Maximize the changes in Social Media for your Organizations’s Growth
  • Social Media with a Kingdom Impact
  • Facebook Everything in Sixty Minutes
  • Visual Content to Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media
  • Live Video and Overcoming your Fear of the Camera
  • Getting Leadership Buy-In on Social Media
  • Personal Branding
  • Churches and Social Media: Build Relationships Just as Jesus Did 
  • Social Media 101 to Advanced
  • Empower your Sales Team to Leverage Social Media
  • Live Video: A Marriage Made in Heaven to Skyrocket Business Growth
  • Smart Social Media Strategy That Surpasses Your Competition
  • Social Media for Churches
  • Social Media for Storefront Locations
  • Social Media for Non-Profits
  • Social Media ROI

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