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Golden Insight from Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Marketing World 2017 was a must-attend conference for leaders wanting to be up-to-date with social media marketing trends. Period. Some of you may like attending conferences more than others but I’m going to just start this conversation by...
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How to Get and Use the New Twitter QR Code

November 18, 2016
Oh, my! One more thing for you to update on your Twitter account. Not so fast. Whether it is the addition of hearts on Twitter when you ‘like’ a tweet to the new QR code that we’re about to talk...
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11 Uber Smart Ways to Use Facebook Live (Even When Video Isn’t Your Thing)

October 24, 2016
Even though Facebook Live is quite the buzz on social media for business, you would still be ahead of the curve if you were to start using Facebook Live for your business. According to Business Insider resources, there is an increased...
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Heather is a marketing genius! She has helped me reach the audience that I struggle marketing to the most…your everyday family! You know, the people like you and me that are too busy to read ads, listen to the radio, or be functional with a family, career, and home. But Heather always found a way through online marketing tools and her experience to reach those people that I couldn’t. I’ve borrowed a lot of her ideas in marketing and made them my own, because she is absolutely brilliant! I would recommend her work to anyone.
Sarah Vaughn, City Coordinator
Heather’s energy and expertise make her an asset to my new business. She is efficient and clear in her advice and has amazing ideas and resources at her fingertips. She has consistently assessed challenges and recommend solutions that have made my life easier and my business more successful. Her upbeat attitude and creativity make her an ideal consultant.
Jody Ingalls, Actor/writer at Stories to Inspire Kentucky

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