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Helping Small Businesses Grow with Social Media & Branding.

Speaker, Marketing Consultant & Strategist.

Before You Spend Any Money on  Facebook Ads

25 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses Before You Spend Any Money on Facebook Ads

You want people to flock to your Facebook business page. You have considered Facebook ads but want to know if you can get some FREE engagement on your page without having to pay for all of your opportunity.  So many...
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Social Media Marketing World 2016

12 Key Reasons That Made Social Media Marketing World Phenomenal

April 30, 2016
It is hard to believe that not that long ago I was flying across the country from South Carolina to San Diego, California to attend Social Media Marketing World for the very first time. I was excited.  I was curious what...
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How to Use Facebook Smartly for Business

January 27, 2016
You have decided that Facebook is a social media platform you want to use for your business. You feel a little overwhelmed and want some ‘great ideas’ to make sure you are getting the best use of your time? Perfect,...
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Heather is a marketing genius! She has helped me reach the audience that I struggle marketing to the most…your everyday family! You know, the people like you and me that are too busy to read ads, listen to the radio, or be functional with a family, career, and home. But Heather always found a way through online marketing tools and her experience to reach those people that I couldn’t. I’ve borrowed a lot of her ideas in marketing and made them my own, because she is absolutely brilliant! I would recommend her work to anyone.
Sarah Vaughn, City Coordinator
Heather’s energy and expertise make her an asset to my new business. She is efficient and clear in her advice and has amazing ideas and resources at her fingertips. She has consistently assessed challenges and recommend solutions that have made my life easier and my business more successful. Her upbeat attitude and creativity make her an ideal consultant.
Jody Ingalls, Actor/writer at Stories to Inspire Kentucky