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Helping Small Businesses Grow with Social Media & Branding.

Speaker, Marketing Consultant & Strategist.

3 Things I've Learned as a Mom in Business (1)

3 Things I’ve Learned as a Mom in Business

August 29, 2016
Recently I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about 15 women, mompreneurs specifically, that are college graduates, boldly growing great businesses and serving their community. It was such an honor to see so many women, across this globe, doing...
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smart tips on how the church can increase engagement

Smart Tips on How the Church can Increase Engagement on Social Media

I am excited. Why?  Because today’s blog post is focused on smart tips on how the church can increase engagement on social media. Can churches be successful with social media? Absolutely. Today we’re going to cover what churches should definitely...
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FBLIVE-Custom Audiences

How to Target those that Watch Your Facebook Live Videos with Custom Audiences

July 6, 2016
If you have been using video and Facebook Live for any period of time, you most likely have noticed in your Facebook Insights that video is getting some of the best organic reach out there. By creating a Facebook custom audiences...
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Heather is a marketing genius! She has helped me reach the audience that I struggle marketing to the most…your everyday family! You know, the people like you and me that are too busy to read ads, listen to the radio, or be functional with a family, career, and home. But Heather always found a way through online marketing tools and her experience to reach those people that I couldn’t. I’ve borrowed a lot of her ideas in marketing and made them my own, because she is absolutely brilliant! I would recommend her work to anyone.
Sarah Vaughn, City Coordinator
Heather’s energy and expertise make her an asset to my new business. She is efficient and clear in her advice and has amazing ideas and resources at her fingertips. She has consistently assessed challenges and recommend solutions that have made my life easier and my business more successful. Her upbeat attitude and creativity make her an ideal consultant.
Jody Ingalls, Actor/writer at Stories to Inspire Kentucky

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