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Golden Insight from Social Media Marketing World

April 6, 2017

Social Media Marketing World 2017 was a must-attend conference for leaders wanting to be up-to-date with social media marketing trends. Period. Some of you may like attending conferences more than others but I’m going to just start this conversation by…

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How to Get and Use the New Twitter QR Code

November 18, 2016

Oh, my! One more thing for you to update on your Twitter account. Not so fast. Whether it is the addition of hearts on Twitter when you ‘like’ a tweet to the new QR code that we’re about to talk…

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11 Uber Smart Ways to Use Facebook Live (Even When Video Isn’t Your Thing)

October 24, 2016

Even though Facebook Live is quite the buzz on social media for business, you would still be ahead of the curve if you were to start using Facebook Live for your business. According to Business Insider resources, there is an increased…

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Academy Week October 10th-12th [Free Social Media Training]

October 10, 2016

We’re thrilled to welcome you to join us! It is Academy week as we launch Sweet Tea Social Marketing Academy  [ #SweetTeaSocialMA] and that means we welcome you to join some (or all) of the free training we’re bringing to…

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Facebook Live 101 Class ( Video 4 of 4)

September 30, 2016

  Let’s dive into video 3 of our Facebook Live 101 class? Great! If not, here’s a thumbnail so you can go watch video 1 or video 2 or video 3   Congrats on finishing video 1,2 and 3 Facebook Live 101…

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Why Social Media Strategy is Imperative for Businesses, Churches and Non-Profits

September 30, 2016

Social media help is available for people. In fact if you just go to Google you can find article after article sharing with you tips, trends, insight, and strategy ideas from hundreds of people across the globe. So we know…

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3 Things I’ve Learned as a Mom in Business

August 29, 2016

Recently I wrote an article for the Huffington Post about 15 women, mompreneurs specifically, that are college graduates, boldly growing great businesses and serving their community. It was such an honor to see so many women, across this globe, doing…

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Smart Tips on How the Church can Increase Engagement on Social Media

August 9, 2016

I am excited. Why?  Because today’s blog post is focused on smart tips on how the church can increase engagement on social media. Can churches be successful with social media? Absolutely. Today we’re going to cover what churches should definitely…

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How to Target those that Watch Your Facebook Live Videos with Custom Audiences

July 6, 2016

If you have been using video and Facebook Live for any period of time, you most likely have noticed in your Facebook Insights that video is getting some of the best organic reach out there. By creating a Facebook custom audiences…

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25 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses Before You Spend Any Money on Facebook Ads

May 18, 2016

You want people to flock to your Facebook business page. You have considered Facebook ads but want to know if you can get some FREE engagement on your page without having to pay for all of your opportunity.  So many…

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