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To glorify God in all we say and do by being a faithful steward of all that is given to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Sweet Tea Social Marketing as we seek to follow His will for our lives.”

How can we capture for you who we are in a few sentences? Hopefully this 214 second video can share with you how our team at Sweet Tea Social Marketing can help your business, church or non-profit plan, create and execute a solid social media strategy to accomplish your key business goals.

Sweet Tea Social Marketing focuses on five external service areas:

  • Social media strategy — Hire a driven social media marketing leader and strategist to create a vision for your company, church or non-profit or develop a course correction.
  • Keynote speaking  — Heather Heuman is a popular, entertaining and highly-rated speaker. Hiring Heather guarantees you’ll be a true hero with your audience!
  • Corporate, Company and Church training and workshops — Elevate your staff to new digital marketing competencies with custom training.
  • Social Media Audit — A unique and essential service to assess your current social marketing strategy and give significant new value from your social media marketing efforts you can implement.
  • Consulting & Marketing Implementation  — Today marketing success is not a function of strategy or resources. It’s about creating a culture in your organization that embraces social media. We not only offer our consultation services to provide ongoing social media help but we offer premium social media management services that allows your content, analytics, and data win the day. With our unique background of entrepreneurship, digital marketing and sales with corportate clients, churches and companies, Heather Heuman and her team are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the cultural changes needed to create a modern marketing church, non-profit or business.

I’m a social media consultant, strategist and speaker that loves diving into the trenches with my clients to help them see that social media can give them great results for their business or organization. I’m the founder of ElizabethtownFamily.com, a digital marketing company/blog connecting a community near Fort Knox, Kentucky, and the founder of Sweet Tea Social Marketing.

There’s a whole lot more to me than just those titles and tech terms in social media.

  • Top priorities and loves in life are God, my husband of fourteen years and my three sweet children
  • Photography, sweet-tea, Chick-fil-A and cooking are passions I pursue and delight in every week
  •  A southern girl at heart, I call Columbia, South Carolina home although I’ve also lived in many states and Germany as a military spouse before my husband launched a new career in 2016
  • I LOVE travel and enjoy our dog Annie

2011 was the year I crafted a start from scratch business, ElizabethtownFamily.com while I was in graduate school for management and leadership. I used social media 100% to grow this business from nothing to what has become one of the most active digital forms of advertisement and engaged communities near Fort Knox, Kentucky via content marketing and monetization in advertising. It is still thriving and booming and growing each year not only in visitors but in profits.

After three years of helping small business owners use my social media platforms to grow their businesses I began sharing with several of them how they too could grow their social platforms and thus, grow their business.

Not just to get more likes, but get real results, more clients in the door, more sales and more on the bottom line. In 2013 I began working for the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce as the Relationship Manager and was able to dive into deeper relationships with business owners and what motivates their decision making.

In 2014 my husband’s job relocated our family to my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina where I launched and created Sweet Tea Social Marketing. I was elated that I was going to be able to help small business owners all across the country learn more about using social media to grow their businesses.

Do you want to get more results for your business but not spend all day on social media?

I think some of you find yourself heading into the office or store and quickly ponder, “Oh, I haven’t posted on my business page in 3 days..I should post something…but what?…Oh, well…Hmmmm”?

Or maybe you find yourself posting 2 times a day but constantly are wondering what you should post and you completely do it at varied times and have no plan at all..just whatever strikes your fancy..

You might actually be clueless about social media or even what that really means but everyone keeps telling you should ‘be doing it’.

Beginning Itch as an Entrepreneur

I was doing social media before it was called social media.

2000 was the year I began working as a project manager in web design development and worked with large clients such as Subway, Wilson Sports and TOPS. Not to mention our office communication was ‘ICQ’ a pioneer in online messaging. There was a little company my friend said I should by stock in..but I didn’t listen.. (Their name was Google!).

2004-2010 I created and launched three thriving online blog communities connecting military wives, moms and women desiring to take online friendships into real-life opportunities of great family-fun. These communities were in Columbia, SC, Wiesbaden, Germany and Clarksville, Tennessee.

While in graduate school pursuing a degree in Management and Leadership, I realized that I had one priority regarding my career.

I wanted to create a new career that would allow the flexibility I want to spend time with my family.


Heather Heuman knocks it out of the park any time she speaks about social media marketing. She is an amazing interview and was a fantastic Periscope expert in my Social Media For Newbies Interview Series. When Heather talks about Periscope live video streaming strategies, she provides in-depth instruction and practical applications for business owners and organizations so they can capitalize on this great tool and change the social media course of their business. Heather has a sparkle in her eye and smile that energizes the audience! Make sure that if you have the chance to hear Heather speak jump on it! She will blow your social media socks off!!!
Cheri Toledo, Elite Life Coach
Heather is the kind of marketer and entrepreneur that makes you want to be better! We’ve been collaborating on a few projects and I am enjoying it all. I am so grateful to have met Heather – she’s determined, professional, and I can tell that she loves what she does. These three things are keys to success and she’s got them. I can’t wait to see how her company grows!

Steph Nissen, CEO of Nissen Media, LLC
Heather has really been an amazing for our business. With her help we have seen our customer base grow and develop into something amazing. I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to make their business a success.

Mistie Wisniewski, Franchise Owner of Nutty Scientists
I have worked with Heather Heuman for 2 years and during those years she has continued to help my business grow by reaching out to our community using social media. When it comes to describing the work she has done with Elizabethtown Family, incredible would be an understatement. Her unique creativity and sense of drive helps thousands of individuals in our community on a daily basis. She is an extremely capable and renowned entrepreneur who would thrive under any task. She has truly been a great blessing not only to our community, but to my store as well.

Breya Arnold, Marketing Director of Chick-fil-A Elizabethtown, KY
Heather is a marketing genius! She has helped me reach the audience that I struggle marketing to the most…your everyday family! You know, the people like you and me that are too busy to read ads, listen to the radio, or be functional with a family, career, and home. But Heather always found a way through online marketing tools and her experience to reach those people that I couldn’t. I’ve borrowed a lot of her ideas in marketing and made them my own, because she is absolutely brilliant! I would recommend her work to anyone.
Sarah Vaughn, City Coordinator, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
Heather is an enthusiastic and dedicated social media influencer! She is very creative, intuitive, and strategic. She is a dynamic speaker bringing value to others in a nurturing engagement. This is the epitome of how social media is done. Heather is the total package expertise, entertainment, education, and real-world experience!

Nathalie Gregg, Adjunct Professor, Speaker, Business Consultant, Author

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